Crondash - FAQ

What is Crondash?

Crondash is an online cron job service. Once logged in, you can add the URLs of the scripts that you want to be be run, and specify the cron schedule that will run it.

What is the cron timeout?

The max timeout is currently 45 minutes. We plan on extending this to at least 1 hour in the future.

Do you support timezones?

You can easily create jobs in it's own timezone by selecting the timezone from a dropdown. However once saved, the jobs are displayed back to you in UTC time. We acknowledge that this is an inconvenience and are planning to address this shortcoming.

What happens if my cron job fails?

If the cron job fails for whatever reason, Crondash will continue trying to execute it 3 times over the next 3 minutes, then it will be paused.

Are my cron jobs logged?

Yes, your cron jobs are logged. We keep the most recent 20 logs.

Can I delete my account?

Yes. Email us with the e-mail you used to sign up to Crondash and we will remove your account and all its associated data. For privacy reasons, these data are not retrievable once deleted.

I forgot my username. How do I get it back?

E-mail us with the e-mail you used to sign up to Crondash titled 'Forgotten Username' and we'll send you your username.

Why have a set timeout limit feature at all?

You may have a script that should always execute within a given time; failing that condition, you can be alerted to something being wrong with your script.

Do you have an API?

Not at this time.